Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Daycare

24 December 2018
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Adult daycare centers are popping up more frequently. If you have an elderly family member, you may be curious about what an adult daycare center is, what types of senior healthcare services they may offer and how they may be beneficial for both you and your loved one. Getting answers to the questions you may have will help you determine if this is something that you should look into for your loved one. Here are a few frequently asked questions about adult daycare centers and the answers. 

What is Adult Daycare? 

In its simplest form, adult daycare centers are places where you can drop off your disabled or elderly loved ones. Typically, these centers are open during weekdays in the day to accommodate those who are working, but some may be open weekend or evening hours. Each and every facility is different, and as such, the services offered differ. Some facilities are primarily designed to provide seniors with a place to socialize and stay safe while you are at work, while others provide more specific healthcare based services. 

Do Adult Daycare Centers Offer Healthcare Services?

Many adults daycare centers do offer healthcare services. They can ensure that your loved one eats nutritious meals while you are at work, ensure your loved one takes their medications, offer medical check-ups and help with any medical needs they may have, including driving them to or from medical appointments they may have. Some centers are geared towards those who are more independent and need basic healthcare services, while others may be geared toward those who are disabled and need more specialized assistance. 

What Are the Benefits of Adult Daycare Centers?

Adult daycare centers offer two major benefits. The first benefit is giving you a place where you can leave your loved one in a safe environment while you work or run other errands. The other benefit is that your elderly loved one is able to socialize and interact with other individuals who are their age. Many adult daycares offer activities and social events, allowing your loved one to have fun and make friends. 

If you are looking for a place to leave your elderly family member while you are at work, an adult daycare center may be ideal for them. Contact your health insurance plan to find out if adult daycare may be covered and contact local daycare centers to find out what services are offered. Visit a site like for more help.