Of Alzheimer's and Adult Day Care

8 July 2016
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If you have a loved one who has Alzheimer's, providing quality care is not a matter of loving the one you serve. As the severity of the condition increases, the likelihood that your loved one will need special care increases too. To help with the transition to a more permanent care center and to provide you with the assistance you need, it may become necessary to work with an adult day care center. 

Reasons to Look into Day Care

You might feel like taking someone to adult day care is a sign of weakness. Instead, you should consider your own needs and the needs of your loved one and make a practical choice. If you have a hectic life, taking care of someone with high needs can really take its toll. Furthermore, taking your loved one somewhere where they can receive care from trained professionals can be good for your loved one. Thus, you get the time to relax, recover, and replenish your energy so you can provide better care while your loved one gets care that you simply could not provide. 


When you look into adult day care, you need to know that not all day care centers will provide the same services. If you are worried that your spouse or loved one is simply not getting enough social interaction during the day, then you can look for care centers that provide them with opportunities to meet peers and participate in activities. If your loved one needs specific medical care, then you should look for a care center that provides the care needed. And if your loved one has Alzheimer's, then you need to look for a care center that will cater to those who have Alzheimer's.


If you like the idea of working with an adult day care center but are worried about the cost, it may help to know that adult day care costs less than contracting with a home health nurse. Costs will vary from center to center depending on the services provided, the type of funding the center receives, and whether they offer scholarships. Thus, if you are able to do so, you should weigh your options to find a center that will work financially for you and your loved one. 

Adult day care is a nice alternative to putting your loved one in an assisted-living home. You will still get to spend time with this person you love, and they will get quality care to help them with their medical condition. Adult day care is at the very least an option worth considering. 

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