2 Ways You Can Tell If A Loved One Needs An Assisted Living Environment

11 May 2016
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If you have found yourself wondering whether a loved one would be safer or thrive more in an assisted living environment, you might want to check out the following signs that it is time to make the move. This way, you will know whether it is time to start looking for the best places round so you can quickly schedule an intake evaluation.

Problems Getting Dressed

As some people age, they find that it is harder to get dressed every day. This could be from arthritis that causes him or her to have trouble fastening buttons. Then again, it could be other problems with joints and muscles that make it near impossible to get a shirt on and off. There are also some cases where the problems with getting dressed have more to do with forgetfulness or depression. Either way, if you have noticed that your loved one is barely getting dressed in fresh clothes like he or she used to, then you might want to consider seeking assistance from some professionals.

Losing Track Of Medication

It is vital for many older individuals to make sure that they are getting help keeping their medication schedule on track. This may be because they are a little more likely to forget the proper dosage of their medication or simply whether they already took it for the day or not. This can be due to an onset of Alzheimer's and it can be dangerous. After all, the last thing you want to do is to allow your loved one to under or over medicate themselves. If you are not around enough to give his or her medication, you might want to take a few moments to double check what is left of the prescription. This will tell you whether it is being taken properly or not. For example, information on when the prescription was filled can be found on the prescription bottle label. You can read the dosage amount and then be able to figure out how much medication should be left if it is being taken as prescribe. If you find that there is a lot less or a lot more than there should be, it is likely that your family member is not taking it as prescribed.

With those two signs in mind, you should have no trouble figuring out whether it is time to call a reputable assisted living facility.