Four Valuable Advantages Of Volunteering At A Retirement Home

9 May 2016
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Whether you're a high school student looking to strengthen his or her college applications, a stay-at-home parent wanting to get out of the house, or a working professional who wants to give back, volunteering is something that may be on your radar. When it comes to selecting a place to lend your time, think about a retirement home in your community. Many retirement homes are eager to accept volunteers in a variety of capacities, from helping serve in the dining room to gardening on the premises to simply spending time with the residents. You'll likely find that, in addition to giving to the local senior citizen population, you'll be receiving something too. Here are some valuable reasons to volunteer in this manner.

You'll Be Reminding People They Aren't Forgotten

Some retirement home residents might not have regular contact with their family members, but your cheerful arrival every day, week or month will remind each resident that he or she has people who care. Over time, you'll learn the names of the people you're around, and it will surely bring a smile to a senior citizen's face for you to burst through the door and call each resident by name while offering a warm, genuine hug.

You Can Commit As Much Or As Little Time As You Want

An ideal benefit to volunteering at a retirement home is that you can choose exactly how much time you wish to give. This way, the process will never seem overwhelming or begin to feel like a chore. The home's staff will graciously accept whatever time you can manage, even if that's just for an hour every two weeks.

It Looks Good On Your Resume

Regardless of your stage in life, you can often benefit from a positive addition to your resume — and volunteering at a retirement home can provide this. Future employers will be impressed by your dedication to giving back. And, if you're young and are contemplating going into a field that involves senior care, this experience can help your application.

You'll Help Yourself Too

While your primary reason for volunteering shouldn't be to benefit yourself, it's impossible to overlook the rewards you'll get from volunteering in this capacity. Simply put, it feels good to give to those in the community who appreciate it, and any conversation with an elderly person is an opportunity to learn. Additionally, being around some people who might be facing a variety of health challenges can put things in perspective for you; you might feel you're too busy to exercise, but someone with limited mobility would give anything to go for a long walk.

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