Tips For Celebrating Mother's Day In An Assisted Living Facility

5 May 2016
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If you are the adult child of a woman who is in an assisted living facility, you might feel at a loss with regards to celebrating Mother's Day. It might be difficult for you to do the usual activities, such as serving her breakfast in bed. Here are some tips for celebrating Mother's Day in an assisted living facility.

1. Decorate

One of the best gifts that you can give your mom is to decorate her apartment in the assisted living facility. The reason why this is a great gift is because it is essentially a gift that you can give your mom that will last for days or weeks. It will constantly remind her that you love her and care about her. Some ideas for decorating your mother's assisted living apartment is to create mini arrangements of real or plastic flowers and put them in attractive vases all over the apartment. You could also make garlands and hang them above any doorways. Another idea is to have her grandchildren draw her a bunch of pictures and hang them up. A fourth idea is to hang small strands of lights all over the room so that she can plug them in an enjoy a festive atmosphere if she wants for months to come.

Try to have a few of your siblings take your mom out for lunch while you decorate the room so that it is a surprise when she comes back. Otherwise, ask your mom if she'd mind if you decorated her apartment and get input from her so that it's exactly the way that she likes it.

2. Get a Gift That Makes Her Feel More Connected

Your next step is to get your mom a gift that makes her feel more connected to her family and to the world. This could be the gift of a few of your more tech-savvy grandchildren sitting down with their grandma to show her how to use her smartphone and messenger applications. It could be showing her how to view photos on photo sharing websites. Make sure that whoever is showing your mom how to use the technology also writes down the instructions in a flowchart fashion in order to ensure that she is able to follow through.

3. Go to Her Favorite Place

Finally, consider taking your mom to her favorite restaurant, park, or museum that she might not have been able to go to for a long time. Talk to your mom to see what she'd like to do on her special day.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in assisted living facilities.