Senior Care Transitions: A Family Caregiver's Guide To Adjusting After A Loved One's Move To Assisted Living

5 May 2016
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Whether you provided care to a loved one in their home for years or just a few weeks, learning to let go after their move to an assisted living residence can be challenging. While you know that they are in the best of hands, it is still important to stay on top of changes in your loved one's health and well-being. Here, are four tips that will guide you through the first few months while allowing you to get the most out of your visits.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Your loved one is the best person to tell you about how they are adjusting to their new home. During your visits, ask questions about their daily routine such as whether or not they like their food and if they enjoy socializing with their new friends. While you want to be careful not to grill them, having some insight into their day will give you assurance that they are doing well in their new residence.

Communicate With the Staff

At a quality retirement home, you will find that the staff is friendly and eager to communicate with a senior's loved ones. When you visit, you should feel comfortable stopping by the front desk and asking questions about your loved one's day such as what they had for lunch. At most homes, care conferences can also be arranged so that you can discuss difficult topics such as challenging behaviors or new health concerns. To keep communication flowing both ways, make sure the staff has a way to contact you with any concerns that may arise unexpectedly.

Get the Most Out of Your Visits

Now that your loved one is benefiting from care in an assisted living facility, you can enjoy the opportunity to really bond instead of being overwhelmed by their daily needs. Plan activities to enjoy on your visits such as looking at photographs or meeting their new friends during lunch. Alternatively, you can bring a favorite food treat or a surprise gift of clothing. Doing so can help you enjoy the fun parts of caring for your loved one that you might have missed when you were providing care at their home.

Loving and letting go is an important part of providing care to someone of any age. Yet, the pangs of letting go of your caregiving duties will ease as you transition into a new relationship that focuses on getting to enjoy the time you spend with your loved one. By visiting your loved one often and keeping communication open, you can stay involved as a caregiver while enjoying the benefits of your loved one's new living arrangements.

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