Senior Living Facilities For Couples: 4 Things To Consider

4 May 2016
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As your parents or other married loved ones age, they may find they need extra assistance with daily living tasks. Senior living facilities offer an excellent option to help keep the couple living together, even if one person's ability level no longer matches the other person's. Before you select a senior living community, here are a few things you should consider to keep both of your loved ones comfortable, happy and well cared for.

Consider Future Health Needs

While your loved ones may just need a little extra help now, their medical conditions could change as time goes on. Look for a senior living community that is associated with a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home. If one person needs to be transferred for long-term care, the other person can take comfort in knowing that he or she is only across campus instead of across town. Ask the director of the facility whether or not the healthier person might be allowed to share a room with the spouse in need of long-term care. Knowing the options for keeping the couple together ahead of time can help you and your loved ones make the right choice for placement.

Facility Amenities

When looking for a senior living facility, you'll need to make sure the place you choose has amenities that are appealing to both people. Ask to see a calendar of events planned for the community to determine if there are options both people will enjoy, and look at other amenities on the property, such as walking paths, swimming pools and exercise centers to make sure that both members of the couple will find things to keep them busy.

Look At Dining Options

For some couples, being able to prepare a meal together is important. While some senior living facilities offer cafeteria or restaurant-style meal service, they do not always offer kitchens in the senior apartments. If sharing meals or hosting Sunday dinner is a tradition that your loved ones can't be without, be sure to look for a senior living facility that offers private kitchen access.

Available Services

Each person's ability level is different, and residents living in senior living facilities don't all need the same services. Make a list of the daily tasks your loved ones need assistance with every day, whether it is doing the laundry or remembering to take their medication. Once you have the list ready, you can compare it to the available services at the facility. Ensuring that all of the required services are offered is one way to make your loved ones feel independent, even after the move.

Keeping senior couples together is not always easy, but finding a senior living facility with the right services and amenities can make it easier to keep your loved ones together even after they are no longer able to live on their own.