3 Tips For Convincing A Parent To Move Into An Assisted Living Facility

4 May 2016
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Watching a parent grow old can be heartbreaking. If they are a widow or single, you're also likely worried about their well being. Whether they are forgetful about important things like taking pills or a potential danger to fall and hurt themselves, you understand now that this can't continue. Your parent needs help from an assisted living center. But good luck telling that to your parent. Many seniors initially resist the idea of moving into assisted care because they don't want to give up their independence. If you know you need to take action but don't know where to begin, try these tips to get the conversation going.

Don't Ambush Them with the News

If at all possible, you need to get your parent on board with the idea, even if it takes a little bit of time. Don't just inform them you are moving them into an assisted living center and that's that. Say that you've noticed them struggle and that there are options out there that can make life easier. If they resist, don't push too hard at first.

A Teachable Moment

It might sound like a bad idea to wait until your parent falls or does something else that might be a danger to them, but this might be one of the few times when they are open to listening. If your parent fell, for example, but was not badly hurt, point out how lucky they are and say that it's moments like this that got you thinking about the assisted living center in the first place. 

Send in the Calvary

If your parent is still resisting, you are going to need to bring out the big guns. Bring in other family members who share the same thoughts as you on the subject. You don't want it to be a dramatic intervention, but you do want to sit down with your parent. Consider inviting a local religious leader to the meeting if your parent is spiritual. Everyone at the meeting needs to make clear across the board that moving into full-time geriatric care is the best solution.

Taking care of a parent towards the end of their life can be difficult. If you know that you will need to move him or her into assisted living, such as Elderlife Experts, start the conversation early but don't push. Every time your parent does something that worries you, point out what went wrong and how they don't have to live by themselves like this. If it's not working, enlist other family and friends to get the message across.