Connecting With The Community In Your New Retirement Home

29 April 2016
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Moving to a new retirement facility is like moving to a different neighborhood. There are new people to meet and activities to become acquainted with. It can take time to find your niche, but there are a few ways to be proactive to build up your reputation and a new circle of friends. Here are some of the ways you can quickly connect with your new neighbors in the retirement center.

Attend the Residents' Meetings

Some assisted living facilities hold regular meetings with the residents to discuss issues and future plans. By going to these meetings, you'll hear what the current concerns are of the residents and see how the administration responds to them. You'll also get to know who the most vocal members in the community are.

Sign Up For a Variety of Classes

Many facilities sponsor classes on a number of topics. Pick out some classes on your favorite topics, but include some classes that will stretch your skills a bit. You'll meet people who share your interests as well as those who just enjoy learning new things.

Organize an Exercise Group

If you enjoy walking, running or riding a bicycle, start a group that gets together to exercise. Some of your neighbors may want to get more exercise but don't do it on their own. They may enjoy having a group with which to exercise on a regular basis. You'll not only keep yourself in shape, but you'll contribute to the good health of the community.

Offer Your Skills to the Community

You likely have one or more skills that would benefit the other residents in the facility. Perhaps you are good at framing and hanging pictures. Or you have a knack for arranging flowers. As a financial planner, you may have information to help neighbors manage their portfolio. Ask the administration how to get the word out to other residents on how you can help. This is a good way to meet people and develop a connection with your fellow retirees.

Become a Mentor to New Residents

Even after just a few weeks of actively becoming involved in your new community, you'll have enough information to help new people as they find their way around the retirement facility. By being a mentor to the new people moving in, you'll help them find their niche in the neighborhood. You'll also be one of the first residents to meet the new people.

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