How To Find Purpose In Retirement

27 April 2016
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Many seniors who have worked most of their lives feel like they have a much more difficult time finding a sense of purpose after they have retired. For some, work is simply a paycheck. However, for others, work is a way of life and a major part of one's identity. As you transition into a life of retirement, you will need to be prepared to make improvements to your life to ensure that you feel fulfilled.

Find A New Purpose

Your old identity might have been that of someone who made a certain product, solved a problem or provided a service. If you feel like you are mourning this old role, think of what other role you may be able to fill. For instance, you may be able to find a charity to become involved with or you may choose to spend more time with your family.

Look For New Opportunities To Be Social

Retirement is a time when you have more time to be social. However, the paradox is that many of your friends might have been those whom you worked with. Therefore, you may find your social circle shrinking as a result. To make up for this, join clubs and associations that will allow you to meet new people. If there are no events that can offer you an opportunity to be social, organize them yourself.

Get Involved In Activities That Promote Good Health

Consider getting involved with activities that promote health, such as a fitness program. Not only will this give you an opportunity to meet people, but it will also allow you to stay in better shape and have more energy, which will make it easier for you to stay active in your golden years. Find out if the retirement community you are a part of offers physical activities you enjoy.

Learn To Let Go Of Responsibilities

Retirement is a blank slate that you can fill with whatever you would like to. Think about which activities you partake in that seem to become tiresome and which activities cause you to feel as if you have relentless energy. However, you may still feel less energy as a result of old age. Therefore, you may be better off under a situation where many of your responsibilities are handled for you and where you can have social interactions with others whom have a similar experience as you, such as a retirement community.